Coolant System Enhancements

Hose solutions to keep your rolling stock moving.

Our Package

On-site visits to assess rolling stock hose requirements.

Working in collaboration with customer engineers to understand existing installation history.

Expert advice on ways to improve and optimise your coolant system.

Coolant hose assemblies made bespoke to application requirements.


Coolant water leaks have been a top 3 failure issue, with rolling stock operators.


This is due to the use of silicone hose and worm drive hose clips, which has been a standard across the industry.

Flotec have introduced a revolutionary solution for this application, which has been proven for the past 10 years in the US to over 750,000 miles.


GATES Bluestripe EPDM Hose to be used
as an alternative to silicone hose.

GATES PowerGrip Heat Shrink Band Clamps to replace worm drive hose clips.

This innovative product combination has been proven to eliminate leaking hoses and significantly reduce downtime.

Coolant System Installation Process

The following phases come as standard as part of Flotec’s specialist support service.

These are free of charge, to ensure the long-term reliability and sustainability of the installation.

Phase 1

Flotec will conduct an initial meeting/review and site visit to identify the hose installation. From the visit, information is gathered on each coolant hose from samples/drawings or measuring the hose in situ.

Phase 2

Drawings are created for the hoses to be used and specify PowerGrip clamps for each assembly to compile a quotation for the customer. Once prices are agreed upon, a date for the install will be set and Flotec will order the components in a 4-5 week lead time.

Phase 3

Flotec will install the trial Bluestripe hoses and PowerGrip clamps on site. This will be filmed for instructional purposes. Any alterations required will be recorded, new drawings created and components re-ordered.

Phase 4

Complete the installation with optimised solution from start to finish.

Included in our service:

  • Drawings & spreadsheets of materials used.

  • Video recording for training purposes.

  • Complete torque tool kit with torque settings for additional support.

Product Enhancement

Flotec provide application upgrades by utilising Gates Hydraulic’s premium brand products.

Gates hydraulic hoses are used on some of the most demanding equipment in the world. From low-pressure to ultra-high pressure hoses, they offer efficient, long lasting service lives for maximum cost savings. A Gates hose - regardless of origin - always meets or exceeds the strictest industry standards. These superior products guarantee a more effective and reliable installation.

Our Product Recommendations 

Gates Bluestripe  epdm coolant hose

Gates Bluestripe EPDM Hose bonds to the stem, assisting with hose retention and removal of potential leak paths.

Provides resistance to electrochemical degradation, which can destroy ordinary hose from the inside.

10x more resistant to water permeation than silicone hose, reducing potential imbalances of ethanol glycol concentrations in coolant systems.

Reduction in raw materials costs.


• Prevents water loss through hose wall.
• Bonds to the stem.
• Resists electrochemical degredation.
• Costs less.
• Proven reliability.
• Available in straight lengths or bespoke curved designs.

Coolant water leaks: a significant maintenance issue for TOCs.

The common cause of hose leaks is the continuous expansion and contraction of hose and fittings due to temperature changes whilst using a static worm drive clip.

Gates PowerGrip is uniquely qualified to prevent leakage after fitting.

Maintains a tight grip on the hose and fitting under extreme cold.

As the application temperature changes, the clamp expands and contracts with the hose.

Eliminates problematic coolant leaks once and for all.


• Never needs retightening.
• Conforms to any shape.
• Unaffected by oil.
• Attractive finish and no sharp edges.
• Wide band gives a better seal.
• Consistent grip pressure.
• One style for all applications.
• Environmentally friendly.

Gates PowerGriP® Band Clamp

Success Story

CLASS 142, 143, 150, 150, 156, 158, 165 & 166


Coolant water leaks were an ongoing maintenance issue with TOC’s throughout the country, often causing delays, leading to fines and costly downtime.

Flotec Solution

Flotec has fitted the enhanced solution to a number of TOC’s, including Arriva Trains Wales, Northern Rail, ScotRail, and Great Western Railway.

Since trial fitment, the innovative product combination has:

• Eliminated leaking hoses.

• Significantly saved on cost.

• Reduced downtime.

• Offered a “fit and forget” solution.



This solution has removed the long standing problem of coolant hose leaks, with fleet fit imminent on a number of Train Operating

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